Open Up, and Run Into It

I was reading about a woman who was part of a cancer trial micro-dosing with Psilocybin to alleviate anxiety and PTSD a few weeks ago. Her "guides" (that is the word Johns Hopkins used) at one point suggested if she experienced fear or an image she didn't like during her 'creative experience' she needed to try to, "Open up and run into it." Exactly...

These directions made me reflect on the year. This day. One where when we have little access to light in the northern hemisphere, and so much access to the dark. One we can move through with awareness. A day where we can turn our attention on, and focus, and, gain clarity.

So, open up.

Reflect - what is transitioning in your life? Where are you transforming? Is there a new project?Something ending? New beginnings? Relationships changing and evolving?

What is moving? What is grooving? Can you open up to the dark, but not get attached?

Think big. See big. You're likely sliding into some time off during the holidays so give yourself some time to sit in the dark, in reflection.

And, then, run into it. 

What is in there? What are the feels? The words? The energy? Capture it in your body and your mind and your heart. 

Trust your guides.

I'll tell you this, these six words have been extremely helpful for me in my own reflection of the past year. There was so much shifting for me, and this business, the past 365 days. A year ago today, we completed the shipping of LMH to all of our Kickstarter backers. It was monumental for me, it meant beginning again.

I had no clue what 2016 would become, even though business wise I had the structure of a business plan and some simple financials. There were so many twists and turns over the year, and recently I was able to feel really proud of the work I'd put into exposing LMH to many health systems, practitioners, women and mothers and fathers and cousins, as well as large employers and insurance companies. The running finally caught up within me, and I was surprised. 

Surprised for the mileage covered in 2016. It's been intense, wild, and wonderful. Hard and rewarding work. Work I felt proud of just a couple weeks ago as I finished a pitch for a big company here in Minneapolis. 

Full disclosure - the next two months will be everything for The Mother Love (our mother business), the Little Mother's Helper tribe (our products), and our viability. I'll let you know how the running turns out.

Back to today. The winter solstice for those of us above the equator.

Some of you may feel pulled backwards as women, right now. But listen - we are all going to have to 'open up and run into it' in the coming years.

For many of us who have been fighting for women's health, the privilege to vote in a country we love and adore, and have been encouraged to live independently from men (even while and when we love them, share our lives with them, they put a ring on it, we pop out babies together, and snuggle at night) - we are going to have to run into that darkness to get to more light. Hand and hand. Arm and arm.

Linked together, not just in. 

So, as we collectively and consciously sit in the dark together tonight (or in the light you southern hemispherians) - let's find our way to one another energetically. Walk aside one another and put out high vibes for yourself and your life first, then let that mojo spread out deep and wide to whomever and wherever you want it to go. 

This is the magic in days like today, a beautiful and power Solstice. We have more access to something bigger than ourselves. 

Use that power and access for the very best. Open up, and run into it.

Love you BIG, Happy Solstice to all!