Quick Tip: Cooling Down During A Fiery Season

As June and Summer set their tone, our organs do some interesting things because of the weather changes. Pollen counts are high, diets are festive, we lean towards cocktails and beers on a daily basis, skin rashes and irritations might show up, digestion can become easily irritated, energy is high, and mood swings are common. 

It's a fiery season, where the liver is most vulnerable. To bring yourself to center with this fiery season of light ahead of us, here are 11 easy tips to cool the liver off: 

1. Stay Hydrated! Drink fluids like the one above (lavendar lemonade) that have cooling properties. This Pinterest board has a myriad of recipes!

2. Reduce consumption of alcohol, or use sparingly! You don't have to ditch it, but if alcohol makes you agitated the next day choose a different drink.


3. Exercise outside. Exercise moderately. 

4. If you know it's time to change your routines and take care of your physical body differently than you are right now, take action! If you need have someone to hold you accountable, ask for help.

5. Eat lots of raw veggies, beans, farm fresh foods, whole grains and small amounts of fruit. Go for cooling foods!

6. Limit meat, eggs, and poultry and other heavy foods.

7. GET SOME ACUPUNCTURE. Stimulate your liver chi. 

8. Find a summer tincture that supports the liver and helps cool off. See a herbalist for a tonic/tincture right for you.

9. Take a few days to give yourself a break from toxins - physically, mentally, and spiritually. It's important to create space and time in your day-to-day for 5 minutes of meditation, add a yin yoga practice, put one hand on your belly and another on your heart and just breathe for a few minutes. 

10. Drink your smoothies and juices! NOW is the season.

11. Be creative! It's the month and season for creativity. If you've been holding off on a project, dive in. If you've been thinking of take a class, sign up. Chill out and let more flow into your busy schedule. 

Most of these tips come from Ayurvedic and Oriental medicine practices, both long time personal studies of mine. Now, I'm off to make this lavender lemonade drink, myself. How will you support your body this June? Let me know. 

Keep it cool and have fun!

Image from @weathervanecafe