Quit Digging Holes

I generally shuffle between 1-3 books and one that’s been in the queue since May is #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. One of the quotes that caught my eye recently was, “And what’s the first rule about digging holes? If you’re in one, stop digging.” Clearly. This quote got me thinking about the Equinox that occurs this evening at 8:29pm CST and all the opportunity we have to reset, get out of any holes we’re in (quit digging) and find a way to honor and celebrate change around us. This whole month, everywhere I’ve gone people are experiencing some really big beginnings and ends.

Most of you have kids who went back to school. I’ve heard enough stories of tears about the first day (yah, that’s a big change). I bet some of you are moving. There are new babies in our tribe daily. What if instead of digging holes when we face change and have to reset, we culturally started celebrating more? Do you think there’d be more trust in life? I’d lean towards yes.

I started celebrating the Equinox with all my astrological, treehugging, earth-loving college friends back in the 90’s. This pretty groovy time in my life (the "not so hip" things I did back then have ironically become very trendy now) set some habits that have stuck around and I have no shame about the way I live and celebrate.

I’ll let you in a bit to my groove-sauce. This Equinox holds really juicy power for a few reasons:

Directly following the Fall Equinox is a New Moon. This means there’ll be some seriously strong energies that enable new beginnings. Harvest what you got and let the rest die off. The new moon is a great way to celebrate anything “new” coming into your life with a fun celebration or a ritual deeply personal to you (even if it’s a hike). Since the new moon tomorrow centers around change, choose to be inspired by everything that's coming into your life. Anytime there is change, it takes time to adapt and sometimes we reject change out of fear.

This week, if you feel agitated, take some time to organize your life and don’t put too much on your to-do list. Keep a flexible watch on your world; and say no when you need to say no, instead of saying maybe. Say yes when it’s screaming at you. It’s okay to be chill and go inward around this combo of a new moon/equinox. >Pluto goes direct with this Equinox. Pluto has everything to do with seeing life from all angles, and it doesn’t want you to let anything to be driven by fear.

So, if change is occurring around you right now, do your best to step into deep trust. Step out of fear.

I’m definitely not an astrologer, but I do believe in its purpose and this information is good to share with you. I’ve had a lot of opportunity this month to honor the changes going on around me, which at times have felt real BIG and other times felt easy and natural, like it was time to move on.

But I want to know about you. Tell me, what’s taking a new shape and changing in your life? How will you take time this next week to honor your change? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. 

Being all sorts of groovey with you, I hope you have a strong, magical, ease-filled, trusting and embracing Equinox. Make sure you have fun during this season with family and friends. Go light and find comfort in the days of Autumn that make most of us turn inward, even the most extroverted.

Big Love!