Release the Pressure Valve

Let's hit it women. A section in Daring Greatly by Brené Brown is titled "Myth #4: We Can Go at it Alone." Did you read's a Myth. Yet women are generally so willing to try to do everything on their own. So much that they don't ask for help or begin connecting until their struggle is so great that they're on the verge of a nervous breakdown. 

When I say nervous breakdown, I literally mean your Central Nervous System (CNS) is seconds away from dashing away from homeostasis.

Maintaining homeostasis in the body is the CNS's number one job. When we have constant stress hormones on, and we've discussed this many times before, an open drip line runs through your body dropping "fight or flight" hormones. Woman, it's a road to explosion. 

So if we're going to be myth busters over here (i.e. myth #1: balance exists - we slam dunked that months ago) and you're going to release your pressure valve, then once again let's address how we go at "it" together and not alone.  

Why am I focusing on the theme of breakdown to build up this month you might ask? Well, because I continue to witness and see it everywhere in moms, even when the women look like everything is homeostatic on the outside. Also, I'm talking to these women almost daily.  

Heading forward into "the land" of going at it together is likely going to take being vulnerable on your part. Another line I love (and this is aging me) in Daring Greatly is when White Snake, yep the 80's butt-rock band, is brought up in the context of busting Myth #4. I remember sitting on a school bus and the line, "Here I go again on my own," blasting out of a boom box. The reality of this line is that we cannot go at it alone and be successful.  

For example, I talked my friend through a dark moment recently when she realized how much she and her husband were struggling. It was as if they'd taken two steps forward, and that necessary one step back that ultimately (when you do the vulnerable work together) leads you to leaping ahead of where you were in the first place. By the end of the call, she realized that it's up to her to focus on her happiness and power not being affected by anyone else. Ultimately, she decided she was going to live her life with purpose, love, and focus on her health and keep moving forward.  

Another avenue I want to address in releasing your pressure valve is based on seasonal shifts. Right now, we are going from winter > spring > summer. If you live in a place where there is massive seasonal shifts, physiological regulation can be really tough. Relieving pressure from your body through exercise and regular sleep is the best way to regulate hormone release as the seasons shift. Also, try to eat a really clean diet. If you still have cold weather, eat warm foods. If you have hot weather, eat cooling and spicy foods. Remember to build up your health, physically, through exercise and diet. This is another great season to book yourself an acupuncture appointment to help your organs adjust to seasonal shift. 

If you have questions, this week, ask away in the comments below.  

I know you're a strong woman, but I know that even the strongest need to release their pressure valve once in a while. So let's build each other up, that's community and tribe, love. Have a lovely week. 

Big Love.