Remember How To Trust Yourself


Think back. To a moment when you stood at a starting line. It could be a race, your birth, a new job, new love after divorce, that surgery your sister is having or the first time your partner left home for a business trip and it was just you and your newborn. Can you remember what it fells like? 

Those moments, they are the moments in our lives where we dig deep, focus on what we plan to do right now to address what's in front of us, and we remember how to trust ourselves to begin. On our own. 

Then we come to the space between. Brené Brown writes, "We have to pay attention to the space between where we are actually standing and where we want to go" in order to define her concept of minding the gap. I also heard of this gap being called the near win.

From my experience working with women, it seems like there are repeat moments when you mind the gap. Just when you think, "I got this!" Another new challenge comes long where you need to relearn how to trust yourself again. #beginagain 

In the gap, it's helpful to remember:

1. The beginning of any daring move initiates commitment and follow through. It's easy to start something and push it to the side, to stall or get stuck, because you have too much to do. It's harder to follow through. Have people to support you in the gap. Build your army. These people will hold you accountable and help you trust yourself as you move in the direction you want to go. 

2. Trust gets you into a place in your body that will feel like it's the gentle push you need to keep going, mentally, and will open you to change, movement, healing and feeling more ease in your life and growth process.
3. To create a supportive culture in motherhood, we must learn to stand in the gap together to activate healing, change, and connection.  

Everyday, you face new challenges, adventures, and learn to navigate new experiences as a mom and woman. None of it is easy work, but the process of raising strong, healthy human beings is what keeps you going.

Makes me wonder, how do you trust yourself? What are some actions you take that move you along in your process of trust and help you be your own expert? Let me know in the comments.