Rest Days: Take Action into Being

I know...I know...I'm all about "active rest." However, last week caught up with me on Saturday and I had to take a rest day.

As some of you know, I love running long distances. Definite soul food. My love affair started when I was 16 and I haven't stopped (insert all the Run Forrest Run jokes here). I remember reading a post from Kelly Oxford last year about seeing a woman running with her hair down are how they must not running for exercise. I thought to myself, "Well she's obviously never run over 50 miles at a time." I have.

I started training for a 100 mile race in Montana well over a month ago. Essentially, I started training during the ski season, but I didn't know what race I'd hit up. Between March and April, I clocked between 200-300 miles and I didn't take a rest day. I did not run everyday, but my "rest" days were filled with other sorts of training. 

My body has been giving me warning signs, especially if I have an emotional day. My lower back will start to protect me and begin to ache, and really it's my gluts and hammies saying, "REST Rebecca." Well this week was a doozie. In 4 days, I ran over 50 miles and on the 4th day I decided to "live vicariously through myself" and fly to the west coast to pay a dear friend a very overdue visit. Ironically, both our lower backs were strongly communicating with us to rest. 

My short trip of living vicarious through myself was actually very action filled, inspiring and motivational. One moment was actually surreal and trippy. This trip was necessary for the advancement of my work, my heart, my soul, our friendship, and also life all around.  


I got home early Saturday morning, and man, I was GOOD FOR NOTHING for the rest of the day. So I thought...but in all reality it was the full rest day my body and soul were needing. After going hard for weeks on end, it was time to chill. I know you as a momma have deep love and drive for your family, your job, your friends, and your activities.  It is you who needs a rest day and break more often than you allow. 


Deepak Chopra, MD explains that rest plays an important role in the practice of being. In developing a practice of "being," we have to allow ourselves the experience of doing nothing, thinking nothing and saying nothing; and then provide the space for it to sink in. He believes "being" is a state of fullness, because when you are just being you're possessing your true complete self.  


Through the practice of being, you're learning how to "rest" into existence. There is great wisdom in learning to relax, and it's where we let go of all our tension and stress. Deepak states, "In the state of rest, you open the way to grace and a deep inner knowing that being here is enough."  I'm in, because I need it. Do you?

One gift I got in the past week was the opportunity to soak with a friend in her magical backyard. Needless to say, I terribly needed that soak. As we stared up at the clear sky and stars, the psithurism of a huge fir overtook us. We both quieted down and listened to the roar of its voice, wishing upon some stars. Endless gratitude for that magical moment. It was totally worth all the effort and work it took to get there.

Now your turn, what is one rest activity you want to do that FEEDS your soul? Leave a comment below and share with us. Once you know, commit to carving out the time this week to feed the part of you that is needing deep rest. 

Have a tremendous week. Big big love coming to you.

X's and O'x,