Shit Just Got Real

A few weeks ago, I was trolling around on (my drug of social media choice) Instagram and it lead me to a new friend, Meridith, from Coveted Things"It" was a photo of one of those super soft newborn blankets with the phrase, "Shit Just Got Real." So, of course, I had to connect with Meridith. 

Our connection began with an email from me asking her if I could use her photo. I explained myself a bit and this was her response, "I love that you are becoming a Postpartum coach and advocate, I think we need more awareness of how much life changes when you go from Pregnancy 'fantasy island' to real life with a newborn!  That is actually where the phrase 'shit just got real' and the blanket line started, when my daughter was born back in 2011!  You definitely understand! ;)"

This image holds a lot of power for many women as they transform into moms during the postpartum period. Later that week, I launched The Mother Love and used this image to capture the spirit of the program. What is really cool about Meridith is that she is very honest about her experience of going from woman to mom. "Shit Just Got Real," was one thing she thought after she birthed her first baby. She then went on start a small business, Coveted Things, between her birth as a mom and the birth of her first and second baby (Meridith gave birth to a little girl last week, everyone's healthy and happy and in love).  

What I've watched, time and time again, in my years of practicing Midwifery and being around moms is that when "shit gets real" that is when a woman chooses to go one of two ways: either into struggle and suffering or she chooses to create her power.   

On this blog, we've talked about the struggles of motherhood. Here are four posts to reflect back on:

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In 2014, I'm  going to talk about you creating your power. You, yep momma, you are going to be given the opportunity to jump into your soul and body and start building and creating your power, because I want you to be living the life you imagined you'd live when you became a mom and I know you can live. 

It's a world of endless possibility, even on the days when you feel "drained," "buried," or like you're "drowning." Those are miserable but very "SHIT JUST GOT REAL" feelings for you. I honor one mom friend said about creating this power, "It's not about your friends, not about your family, but only about yourself creating your power. You have to do the work, because nobody can do it for you." 

That gets me to wondering, Moms, how will you cultivate and curate your power in the coming year even in the middle of all that is your reality? In the comments below, tell me two easy ways you'll create more power (life-force, joy, brilliance - you get it) in your life. 

Thank you so much, as always, for visiting each week and sharing, loving-up-on, commenting and getting more real with each day.