Standing Up For Women

Stories from You

A few weeks ago, I found out a teacher of mine died. It caught me off guard to learn about her death, and lead me to go through some the things she'd said to me over time. One line scratched onto a page of notebook paper read, "Stand up for Women."  It stopped me, made me look to the sky, probably choke down a few tears and then ideas started swirling in..content. People. Collecting people's words. Collating people's experiences.  All centered around Standing Up for Women. I've been standing up for women for almost 2 decades in my career, and it was time to see how other people everywhere are doing their best in their communities to stand up.

Especially in 2017. It's been hell-uv-a-year for many women - all around the globe. 

The stories come from the heart. They are rich. Some contributors wished to remain anonymous, and we respect their reasons. Some stories might piss you off. Others might make you cry. Some will lift your hearts. We hope some fire you up. 

Our first story goes live tomorrow morning, and will continue to go live every Friday morning until the end of the year. 

Many of the stories are from women contributors. But, hey guys, we welcome your stories too! Actually, we would love to hear how you are standing up for women. 

If you share with other Mother Lovers why you're Standing Up for Women, shoot an email to and let us know why you want to contribute.

Thank you for your attention, and love!

Rebecca + TML team