Super Easy Immune Boosting Tips for Fall

Good morning Mother Lovers. I’ve lived in the Mountain West for most of your adult life. I generally expect the first snowfall and frost to come sometime in September. Now living in the flatlands of the Midwest, I miss this first bite. This year, I was lucky to experience what I call the “Calm Breather.” 

As I left Montana, which ended up being a 7 week stay vs. a 4 week stay due to helping Every Mother Counts with a documentary they’re making on Maternal Health in the US, I packed up my truck and started to drive East on I-90. My first stop was Sheridan, WY where I stay with a dear friend of mine from University.

On day 2, it started snowing. Dumping hard. In town, 5-6 inches of “Pacific Northwet” as we call it. As it dumped, the two of us started talking about Immune Systems and boosting them when the weather makes dramatic changes. 

This week, you’re getting a handful of tips that will cover everything from Allopathic to Ayurvedic Medicine and how to handle the shifts in seasons. It’s good to get on top of your immune system, especially with kiddos in daycare and school.

Tip #1: When the weather shifts, on that day, make sure you get some sort of cardio/high-intensity exercise in that makes you sweat. Simply flushing your lymph system, alone, will help initiate a strong immune system. Make sure you sweat regularly to keep your immunity up throughout Fall and Winter. 

Tip #2: Increase your intake of the following Supplements:  

- Zinc (choose a supplement that preferably has Vit C or Calcium included for maximum absorption)- L-Lysine (you can take up to 1500 mg/day throughout winter to keep immunity up) - Ferrum Phos Cell Salts are awesome to have on hand. Take when you feel inflammation, or a cold coming on. Great to give to your kids at the very initial onset of a cold.  - Vitamin C comes in all forms. If you eat a whole, real food diet you’re probably getting a bunch, but not enough to beat the boogers of the daycare that are on your kids clothes. Up your daily dosage by 500 mg for F/W. 

Tip #3: Eat Seasonally. I was talking to a client and she was all excited for “Soup Season.” This truly embraces an Ayurvedic or Macrobiotic mindset of cooking for the weather. As we spend many summer days loving smoothies and juices, cooling weather in Fall and early Winter are not the times for these foods (unless you live in a warm climate area). The season is “Yin” or represents female energy. You need more warming foods to boost the “Yang” masculine energy in your belly (aka…fire in your belly). 

Eat root vegetables and cool weather greens, steamed and not raw, cooked grains, and harvested meat that comes from nearby sources. Use more herbs and spices like garlic, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon in your cooking. I’m a freak for ginger and turmeric when Fall hits. These herbs alone are huge for immune boosting. If you are in a climate that teeters on cold, but still sees 60+ degree weather, throw a thumb size piece of turmeric in a smoothie for strong immunity in winter months. 

Tip #4: GET ENOUGH SLEEP! I learned this week from a working mom to go to sleep when your kid does, which for her is 8:30PM. She now knows sleep is going to make her a better person the next day. As well, it’s going to keep her strong for her clients and business, family and community. Her career success is dependent on her wellness and sleep is the No.1 force that keeps her immunity up. 

Now it’s your turn. What will you do to begin boosting your immune system as the seasons start to shift, big time? Tell me in the comments below. 

Beyond boosting the immune system, this first snow and stop through Wyoming brought a lot of grace and invigoration to my soul. I was reminded how much we’re capable of sharing and loving with others. I heard from deep within “the time is now and the power is you.” It’s time to move some mountains, folks, and I’ve got to be strong from the inside out to Start.  

Love y’all a big bunch and have a fantastic week!