Thank you, Dads! We love you.

Father's Day always stirs me up. It was a day to give my Daddy a second birthday, of sorts. It was an exciting day for me! But having the opportunity to celebrate the dad's in our lives, the ones who helped us become mothers, it's just a whole other level! 

Today on a day where we're all out there celebrating you, dad, daddy, papa, pa, father, grandfather, pawpaw, papaw, boppa, padre, know that the mother love tribe is here telling you that we are beyond grateful for you. 

For showing up.
For loving hard. 
For being soft when you want to be strong.
For dealing with your own darkness, to raise little human beings up into brilliance and light.
For being brave.
For handing over your heart, as much as mother's do, to the little midgets who run around you and want to learn from you.

You may be the "fun one" or the one who says, "ask your mother," you're still our one. And, only. 

WE LOVE YOU, and hope you have a beautiful, fun, and enjoyable day! We're grateful for you, dad. 

Lots of love,
Rebecca + The Mother Love community

#TellThemNow #LoveYouDaddy