The beauty of being a woman.

“Word by word, the language of women so often begins with a whisper.”
                                    - Terry Tempest Williams

When one of you wrote me the other week and asked me to reflect on connection and being a woman, she specifically asked me to talk about being connected with the earth as a woman. In order to write this post, I had to do a little mental journey of sorts.

I will admit, it was easy to write coming off a trip to Southern California and to an ecosystem of plants and people I feel tremendously comfortable with...after all it is where I got my start in groovey ways.

The beauty of being a woman was nothing new to me. I grew up in a family steeped in feminism and independence, women who had their insecurities but often was overrode with confidence, hard work ethics, and great senses of humor. This is not every woman's story. 

Now the mom who reached out to me wanted websites and apps and things she can go to, but when I went looking for you - I couldn't find what I wanted to see. ou see, much of the beauty in being a woman is related to the way we live in our senses.

The way we move, touch, feel deeply, love hard, sing, love, care for, dress ourselves and learn to receive. Some of my favorite modern day and past teachers and things are what I can bring to the table today, so here I go: 

Terry Tempest Williams - if you want to truly be catapulted into another reality and feel words inside your body, read her books. Start with Refuge, then move forward. She is a soul guide reminding us we are awake, aware and engaged. And that is allll good, mother lovers. All good.

She teaches and writes on love, democracy, healing, and wilderness. Terry asks the tough questions that will help our culture heal where it's cracked. If a book isn't in your future, watch or listen to "A Love That is Wild."

Terry reminds us to get outside, to feel wild presence in a hike or run. Reminds us to be wild in a world that's often highly tamed and curated. Leads us to remember "wild" is what our children need for our families to stay together and grow. She is a gem, I hope you enjoy meeting her if you don't love her already.

Your real women friends know time and distance - It doesn't matter how long it's been since you last talked, you know if the phone rings and it's their name you'll pick up. You know you can talk from the heart, about things that build the spirit, or where you're breaking down.

My women friends are scattered far and wide, and they are my EVERYTHING. They know it too, because I show it and I don't have any plan on giving not showing up. The beauty in being a woman is the connections that will hold you strong, pick you back up and dust you off.

For an exercise, I fall hard into know your 1"x1" people, like Brené Brown talks about in her new book Rising Strong.

Manrepeller - Leandra is one of my favorite millennial women on the planet! To keep it real and short, and why I adore her she said, "As a woman we no longer have to feel our interest in fashion and other things minimize our intellect." She's not afraid to go deep. J'adore! Nuff said.

One of my favorite shops that accentuates the beauty and messiness of being a real woman is Mille

The understanding and beauty of being a woman, I've learned, goes deeper than skin and crystals and green juice. Although these are super beautiful and easy things to look at while scrolling through IG. 

This week, I encourage you and ask you to dig a little deeper. Posed as a question, "What makes your heart pulse strong and soul pulse beat?"Look at your favorite go to sources that make you love being a woman who is connected and wild and deep.

If you have some loves you want to share with us, please post them in the comments below. It'll only make our lives richer!

All love surround you.