The Moments That Make You

I come back to courage, a lot, when I work with moms. We talk about it from all perspectives, whether digging deep during a workout or in sessions on living with purpose, drive and passion.

Last Friday, I was catapulted back to the ever so wise and fascinating work of Brené Brown after a friend sent a link to a recent post by Joanna Goddard.  

Joanna asked her followers (mommas like you) to raise their hands if they were struggling with their internal life not being as pretty as what they put out into the world. So far, there are 1,330 comments.  That’s epic. Maybe Joanna’s used to it, but I’m going to say it again. That’s epic!  

I saw the number and my brain went straight to computing. If there are 1,330 women here raising their hands, if we compare that to the birth rate of women becoming mothers each year in the U.S., and I just saw the numbers growing.  It hit me, plain and simple. Millions of women in the U.S. feel this way every single day.   

Millions of women strong enough to work through the struggle, know on the other end that these hard and tough moment are the moments that will make you. Not define you, but make you. The moments that make you stronger. More courageous. More loving. More daring. 

One of my favorite lines from Brené that I pulled from my research goes, “Who we are and how we engage with the world is such a far more accurate prediction of how our children will do in the world, than our parenting.” These moments that teach you the truest meanings of who you are, how you engage with the world are the moments that charge you closer to deeper levels of happiness, love, and belonging. 

But, what if the struggle is good? I think the struggle is good. It builds resilience. It gets you to the other side, if you’re willing to do the work and build yourself a tool kit to help you learn and grow. You grow from struggle, and you’re not alone.  

Joanna’s post clearly indicates this truth: we are in this together. But here’s the deal, most of us are afraid and brave at the exact same moment. We are not our best selves when we’re in our fear. That’s when you raise your hand and you start walking.  

You look around you at the people you have to process with, people to lean on, love and trust. Your people and pets that love you back. You look at your life and ask yourself, “Am I living a life of my choosing?” If you’re not, you make a change. One change. Once you find it, chase after it and love it hard.  

There are other women out there just like you. Women seeking to live more loving, wild, passionate, brave, hilarious, daring lives yet women getting through each day with kids, jobs, partners, issues, real life stuff. Women in this together. 

As you get up and begin your walk today, I’d love to ask you what are the moments in your life that have made you?   

If you’re struggling to match the beauty of your outer world with your inner world, please get some support from someone who can lift you up and help you start making change. We are here. 

Always remember you are loved! Enjoy your week.