The New Normal & Your Body


transform (v): make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of

The other day I was texting with a friend, asking how things were going after the birth of her second kid. She said, "You know, finding the new normal." Such a common phrase I hear from women and clients, and for each of you it's going to be a completely different transformation process.

When I think of 'the new normal' I immediately go to transformation - transformation of your body, your heart, mind, and a huge piece of your soul. My mom and my uncle were talking this morning about how challenging parenting is. After 40 plus years of parenting, they can laugh and still agree it's where shit gets real. 

Throughout July, I will do my best to give you some skills that help you as you make your own transformation - whether you're 2 months postpartum or 2 years. It's all growth to me. 

Here are 5 ways to help your body transform into your new normal:

1. Go slow and respect your body: If you're just coming out of the cave and returning to your routines, remember to move your body in ways that restore and nourish you. Go on small walks, that turn to long walks, that turn into runs, going back to the gym, or working with a trainer. Jump in slow to preserve your core and your pelvic muscles. I know you want to get after it, but your uterus and bladder want you to take it slow! 

2. Take your vitamins: Ditch the prenatal vitamins, they're really not doing that much for you anyway. To support your healing body, stick to the following supplements: DHA, vitamin D3, probiotics, magnesium or (Cal-Mag), zinc, and digestive enzymes. I know a prenatal seems easier, but it's easier and beneficial for your body to absorb the mentioned supplements. If you have questions or concerns, ask me, a naturopath, or functional medicine physician for help or explanation with vitamins that will be specific to your healing.

3. Release stress hormones: take the information from #1 and then give your body some activity every day for at least 30 minutes.

4. Healing scar tissue: Scar tissue develops after a vaginal repair, c-section, or episiotomy. When scar tissue builds up, it blocks blood flow to the area that's been damaged and can expand beyond the wound causing all sorts of complications later on. To restore scar tissue, consult a physical or massage therapist. 

5. Sleep deprivation unit: Let's face it, sleep deprivation is a real bummer, for you and your partner. But never fear, you will sleep a full 8 hours again. Twokey practices that can help you during this crazy-making time: sleep when the baby sleeps and eating clean. 

Sleep when the baby sleeps is major! If you have two or three kids at home, enlist the help of a friend, your mom or MIL, nanny or babysitter especially in those early months so you can get extra rest. Your body needs the 15 minutes, even if your brain says, "LAUNDRY!" 

Eating clean calms the nervous system, helps you get better sleep, and keeps your digestion moving. It'll give you more energy, as well. If you have questions,shoot me an email.

Be patient with your body and love it deep as you walk through this transformation, and enter your new normal. Remember, you made a human, or two, or four!

Before I go I want to know, for those experienced momma's out there what helped your body heal and find your new normal? Tell us in the comments below. 

Take it easy as we move into the heart of summer, and as you adjust to your new normal. Loving you strong! 

See you next week.