The New Normal & Your Mind


"Mindfulness is also heartfulness."
- Arianna Huffington

When I initially started this business, I was very careful about talking about maternal mental health, because I am not a mental health care provider, nor have I ever advertised myself as one. In fact, I was so careful that I called it "intellectual" health, because I knew my practice boundaries and how I could serve women's health.

What I know to be true is a mother's mind is a stimulated and often overwhelmed one, and it comes accompanied with a tender yet fierce heart. It's nice to have help, support, extra love, and resources close by as you mend from birth. This week, let's focus on three really simple tips to help your mind while you shift into your new normal.

1. Meditation is one the most simple practices you can develop to help you feel grounded and stay sane. I talk about it all the time, but it's because it works and helps you heal. Meditation is EVERYTHING to a healthy momma! Give it a go.  

2. The baby blues are a common experience for many new moms and totally normal. Up to 80% may experience postpartum sadness, which can include mood swings, crying, or mild depression, typically beginning around days 2 or 3 after having a baby and lasting about 2 weeks. 

If you experience sadness, anxiety, and overwhelm beyond 14 days after having your baby, you may be experiencing postpartum depression, which affects 10-20% of women after giving birth. If you or your partner recognize these feelings or symptoms, it is important to seek help or talk to your partner about getting mental health support immediately. 

3. Do simple things daily for your self-care: get up and take a shower, get a workout in, listen to books on Audible, allow yourself to slow down and do less (don't ignore this one), eat enough food and drink enough water, make time each day to get out of your house if you're on maternity leave or stay at home, and spend time with your girlfriends. 

Your health drives the health of your family--they need you to thrive. What are two things you'll do this week to nurture your mind and mental health? Make them simple and tell us in the comments below. 

Take really good care of yourself this week, and have fun! I hope you give yourself one treat this week, like a massage, some acupuncture, or date night with your best girl. Do something that involves stimulating your mind. You deserve it!

Big love!