The Ones Who Pick You Up and Dust You Off

The other week, I was driving down to my cabin and needed a book to listen to. Brené Brown had just released Rising Strongher most recent book on how we fall down and get back up.

Falling down can be anything that trips us up, skins our knees, or knocks us off our feet really. That being: the death of your lover, friend, a project you've spent months on getting kicked to the curb, the loss of your parent, or your child, or pet for that matter. 

Anything that trips us up. What helps us get back up, form patterns of resilience ARE the people who help us back up and who's opinions matter.

This week, I want to share with you an exercise Brené shares in her book that will help you build your resilience stores, and gain clarity of what's near and dear to you in case you get knocked on your ass soon.

Here's what you do:

  • Get really clear on the people who's opinions actually matter. On a 1"X1" square piece of paper, write down the names of people who really matter to you. This is a sacred little space. If you have more names than can fit on this size of paper, you need to edit. 
  • These should be the people who love you not despite your imperfections and vulnerabilities but because of them. 
  • These are the folks who will pick you up and confirm the fall totally sucked and then remind you that you're brave. They'll be there to dust you off the next time. 
  • Include the people who are brave enough to question you and say something when they see you acting outside of your values.

To all of you who've reached out to me privately and asked questions that can help you, a friend, or another mother - thank you. I value your questions, they put me to work.

Think about it this week, who's in your sacred, inner circle? Who's in your gang, the ones who will call you out, hold you close, and who will never let you go? Tell them hello, if you haven't said, "Hi," in a while and let them know you love them.

It's just what you do.

Have a beautiful and strong week my love!