The Small Things that Make A Big Difference

Every mom I talk to fuels my work.

To this day when people find out I'm a midwife, they tell me their birth story or the crazy ride of becoming a mom. The intense vulnerability that comes with the journey that nobody told them would become a life-partner or passenger. 

My friend asked me to write a post on the small things that make a big difference in bringing awareness to the things we don't think are affecting us. Now, I could write a load of anecdotal things in this post - but I've learned you come here for action, for tools that will help you.

So let's talk action...on the small things that will make a big difference:

1. be nice to yourself

2. be nice to your partner even when you can't stand them - find a way

3. ditch the sabotaging self-talk, especially if it's about your body - easier said than done - do it

4. learn to get quiet and spend a little time on soul development

5. hug your life-long best girlfriend like you mean it

6. do some good for a stranger

7. throw a tantrum, have a fit, then get over it - as my teacher says, give yourself 2 hours and then move on

8. if you have a vision, keep your focus on it laser sharp -  process and spot

I believe if we keep our eye/hearts on our vision and move forward with a "reverse engineer" perspective - shit comes true. Some people call it manifestation, I call it hard work with a twist of clarity and a pinch of the Mother Love. 

9. believe in something bigger than yourself

10. get the help you need, pop the pills your therapist prescribes you, BUT if your heart calls you to take action to help yourself more -  ask a trusted friend, a seasoned parent, or someone who inspires you what they do to help themselves and how they can help you.

Ask someone for help who will suggest 3 tools (based from experience) that might change the whole course of your path and help you heal faster than the conventional route.

The asking is the vulnerable part and that might just be the small spark you need to get on to making a big difference in your life.

11. go surfing

The ocean always makes a big difference. 

We're all craving "life affirming" moments. It's like mama Drew says, "I can't take depressing, I've got two kids and I'm just trying to get through...." Let the small things you do be full and meaningful, everyday.

Wake up, begin again, and give yourself a "do over." Your kids do it, so can you.

What are some small things you're doing that are making a big difference in your life? Tell us in the comments below. 

Peace out and have a glorious week!