To Be or Not To Be Forgotten: Your Postpartum Emotional Health

As a Midwife, it was ritual to call patients and check in with them whether they were in my care or graduated. Part of our operating system, in this business, is to touch base with every mom that we talk to whether she becomes a client or not. Why? I believe that if you're curious enough to take 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to talk to me, a stranger who cares and wants to better the lives of moms, then I want you to know I value your health whether you become a client or not. To me, your health matters. 

The other day, I was going down my list and checking up on the moms I've talked to since September (the launch of my business). A couple of you, I was able to speak to personally. One mom thanked me as we were closing our call and what she said struck me, "It feels so good to not feel like I'm forgotten." With those words, she got my point. This mom understood why I do what I do. In a system that more or less just drops you off and forgets about you until you return for the birth of your next child, there has to be someone to catch you and guide you. Someone to give you resources and to also protect you from fallout. That's me. You're not forgotten.  

This call helped me ease into our last topic relating to active rest: your emotional health. The links between emotional wellness and active rest/exercise are profound (over 43 million searches in the Google machine). To slide into home during this exploration of active rest, let's explore why active rest is crucial to achieve and regulate your emotional health and wellness.  Active rest nurtures the emotional body in these ways:

  • It builds up your resilience (if you want to know more on building resilience click here to read).
  • Shunts the chemicals in your body that feed stress and delivers more regulatory and relaxing hormones.
  • Builds new pathways in your brain while you form new habits, also decreasing stress and anxiety. 
  • Helps you lose weight and build muscle mass
  • Increases your desire to be productive, creative, fluid.
  • Allows you to live with more flow
  • Takes toxins that live in your soul body or cellular tissues and flushes them out two ways regularly: 1) through sweat and 2) impact or movement flushes out your lymph system allowing your organs to function properly, including your heart and brain.
  • Reduces stress (I think I need to type this three or more times, because stress is one of the top factors that drive moms to anxiety attacks and panic disorders).

The key message here is to move your body to encourage regulation of your emotional health. The emotional wellbeing of parents is what positively affects the way your child grows and develops. When children ages 8-18 were asked if they had one wish for their parents, the overarching answer was for their parents to be less stressed. 

Be active for your health and also to grant your kids their one wish.  Learn to regulate your stress and emotional system with active rest; calm your sympathetic nervous system and activate your parasympathetic nervous system. And that is where I am going to wrap it up, you guys. Well actually I am going to wrap it up with this quote from Simon Sinek, "Emotions are like vomit. You can only hold onto it in for so long before it all just comes out...and by that time, it's pretty messy."  

Your job this week is to tell me in the comments how you're going to regulate your emotional health with active rest. Tell me, tell me. I hope you have a beautiful and moving week in all your adventures.

Sending you a big hug!