Two Things a Momma Needs

A couple weeks ago, my friend came over for what we call “mamas night.” I was still “in it” when she walked up to my office and tried to put on a bright face, but I could see she was fighting something back. I said, “What’s going on love, don’t be tough for me.” 

Then the crocodile tears came rolling and she said, “I just need a break from my family.” She continued, “I am with them all the time, even when I work and I need a fucking break once in a while.” Then she went on with more big tears and fessed to some tough heartstring troubles. I immediately stopped my work and closed everything down. 

It was mama time. 

I’m really good at mama time. Opening my house to moms who need a break, whether its a night or a weekend. My guest room is designed for my friends to come and be able to sleep for 14 hours straight. When they come for a visit, I don’t plan an agenda. I plan for them to sleep and to feed them good food. 

On this particular night, I hadn’t eaten so I made some sort of yummy concoction (cooking is my backup plan) for supper. But first, I poured the Prosecco. “Did you have supper?” “Yes,” she said. “Ok…” (well I’ll cook for both of us anyway). Food was ready, I had mixed her up a Negroni of sorts. 

We sat and before we ate she looked at me earnestly and said, "Being a mom is hard! Nobody knows...They don't tell you that shit." Right!? 

By then, the tears were gone for the most part. But somewhere in the middle of eating, they came back a little. In the background, Spotify ran through it’s playlists. Dinner was done and Icona Pop came on...I Love It. 

The one thing my friend has loved to do forever and a year is DANCE. So I said, “Get up and shake it out. Dance!” She was hesitant but then she started…So I turned it up. 

First she was just sort of wiggling her cute butt. Then she got into it. She was jamming around the room, shaking her whole body out and laughing and letting it rip. When Icona Pop was done with their medicine, she sat down and said, “Thank you. Totally needed that!"

The next day she sent me a text and outlined a line in a recent post blog from Kate Baer that says she thinks there needs to be a service that comes to moms for 10 minutes and does two things:

  1. Bring you a glass of booze OR a latte.
  2. Throw you a dance party.

So smart! And...Done.  

My challenge to all y’all, is to show up for one of you mama friends this week and throw her a 10 minute dance party (beverage is required), hug her hard, then leave. This is TOTAL soul food for a mom who is rattled with the regular maintenance of life. We need to move our bodies, and shake it out. Ultimately, it brings us more confidence and calm in our bodies making us better women. 

Thank you, as always, for coming for your weekly dose. I'd love to hear from you on how this little challenge goes, so leave your comments below and share this with a mama who needs to be in the know. 

Loving you big!