Vulnerability is Vital

Last week, I was hashing through some old books that I integrate into the work I do with moms. I pulled out my over marked Daring Greatly book, by Brené Brown, and made my way through the dog-earred and written on pages. As I thumbed through, a quote stood out that could easily be found on instagram or pinterest I'm sure. Early on in the book she asks, "What's worth doing even if you fail?"  

Part of the impetuous that brought this forth was a conversation I had that morning with a successful business owner in Minneapolis who works with moms during and after pregnancy providing education. I can't tell you how many times during the conversation she talked about failing. As she ran on about how many times I was going to try things out and fail, I saw all sorts of business people and entrepreneurs pop up in my mind. I also saw my own parents career experiences, and what I learned from watching them start and succeed at running their own businesses.  

In the past month or so, I've become very clear on what I am focusing on RIGHT NOW. Sure, I have places I want to go in my business but in order to live out and follow through on my purpose with giving you the Mother Love, it is one toddler step at a time. However, on this rainy day at a coffee shop with another Maternal Health Expert, I just couldn't get my words out right. My tongue was tied. 

Basically, we were introduced from a conversation that had a really successful outcomes. The woman I was meeting had said to the other that it sounded like we were "soul sisters" (I'm always game to meet a soul sister). This was an eye-opening conversation for me. Although our businesses have a common mission, were were very different. It verified some of the biggest challenges I've faced launching my business in the Midwest. Ultimately, it taught me that vulnerability is vital.  

I had to stretch my limbs, have my tongue be tied and even hear some constructive feedback to propel me forward. I imagine you often feel similar in areas of your life. It's amazing one conversation can teach you no matter what you are doing in your life, you have to be willing to put yourself out there (in the most vulnerable expressions of ourselves) if you want to grow and change and eventually lead others. 

Listen, each of you as a parent is a leader. That's what happens when you have kids. You're given the opportunity to teach or lead by example, and then step way the heck back and watch your babies grow up. It is a complete and utter act of vulnerability. You all have pressures day to day, but I imagine this one stands in the front of your thoughts as you choose to be the mom, career-woman, and hat juggler that you are today. Does it?  

Vulnerability is about doing something that is going to change your life.  

And that beautiful woman is why you're here; To receive support and love, and also experience "measurable outcomes" that will affect and improve your life long-term.  

This week, I want you to explore one thing (big or small) in your life that is WORTH doing even if you fail. Something you've tucked away far into your brain or body, and you're ready to let it out. If you're ready to share this with us, leave your comment below.  

I'm on a big adventure this May! I look forward to meeting more of you as I travel around the country and speak. Next stop, NYC/Brooklyn. If you want to know about these events firsthand, sign up for our weekly newsletter below or in the sidebar. Otherwise, watch our FB or Instagram pages.  

Bright love and a beautiful week to you, thanks for stopping by.