Wake Up Call

October has been a really transformative month. Everything from what I put into the social media hemisphere to what it feels like when I approach my front door has had it’s ups and downs. Feeling super grounded and grateful in my life and in this business, today, but man a week ago…Let’s say, major shifts and lots of 'make it happen' to get where I sit right now. 

Home has always been really important for me, the concept and the reality. It was during all of my hippy dippy Ecopsychology studies in the late 90’s that swung that door wide open. Home represents love and belonging, to me. It can be in a residence or in the mountains, by a lake where I grew up, there are so many places that represent home to me. But this week, home was a a knowing. I walked up to my back door on an incredibly gorgeous day and took a deep breath and said, “I am so glad you’re my home.” 

WHAT!? I’ve resisted Minnesota for my whole life it feels like. But here it is…..I feel really good in my skin. I know this feeling, and it took a lot practice (and grace) to get here. 

This week gave me my own moment of feeling like “I got this,” (yep, I say it to myself ALL the time). I had the sense that I’m extremely grateful for the nest I call home. Connecting and making new friendships. Inspired by the city (said the mountain woman). Thrilled to be building a business and sustaining it, the consistent feedback being, “Do. Not. Stop.” 

A lot of you wrote to me last week making statements and asking questions like, “Where do I stand now, between woman and mom? I want to know myself again. Badly.” You know what that is??? That’s your soul calling, beauty, that is your soul calling you back to your center. Back to what is true for you now.  

It’s like you’ve gone off into the world. Fell in love. Made your life. Designed your job and role in your career. Found your nest. You put love into it. Had a baby. Started raising your baby. You’ve felt lots of feelings. Lived lots of experiences. Now you want to raise yourself, because you are forever "mom, momma, mommy, mama."  

A friend and I were having a long-distance glass of wine the other week and she told me about the day she had what she calls, “my awakening.” She had a big career before kids, birthed her 2 babies and was volunteering a lot with organizations around NYC during early motherhood. As she explained, “It was just one day, I woke up and looked at myself and said I want more for myself, more for my girls, and want to put better things into the world.” She started and she is blown away by the reality of her life today. #workingmomma 

Major props that help:  

1. Being cool with the fact that you are enough, but there is more to you. More for you to bring to life and to add to life. More for you to discover. More of you that is going to enliven your kids life and your love life.  

2. Having someone to hold you accountable in your growth and adventures...and to give you love. 3. Persistence. Grace. Being strategic with your dreams. 4. Having some soul friends who help you make all those big moves, closer to being You and Mom.  

Your role as “mother, mom, momma, mommy, mama,” is a major definition in life. For those of you asking bigger questions about yourself, makes me wonder how many of you have woken up and said something like my friend? How many of you have cried out to your world, intimate or social, and made an exclamation about finding yourself again? What did you do about it? Shout it out.  

Wishing you a really sweet week!