Waking Up

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Two weeks ago, this article came out in Goop on Postnatal Depletion. The day it came out, a bunch of people emailed and texted saying things like, "This sounds like your work, but someone elses perspective! Your miles ahead of Gwyneth." But, it was a response email from my friend at Every Mother Counts that woke me up! 

When I finally had the time to read the article, it felt like I had a brother from another mother in this game of postpartum and postnatal health. The meaning behind our methods aligns. 

We both agree that healthcare extending beyond prenatal care is an essential part of a mother's growth, healing, and regeneration after pregnancy, and birth; and during a time when all the focus moves from mother to baby. 

This whole event really woke me up that I've shared WHY I do this work, but it made me realize that maybe it's not so clear as to what I do and how I can help you. 

When I work with women one-on-one, it is very much like going in for a routine check up with your midwife (my formal education), doctor, or advanced nurse practitioner.

Here are just some of ways I help moms with my holistic healthcare approach:

  • Assess what's going on with your overall health to develop an understanding of where you are and to best help you heal.
  • Help you explore your purpose so that you stay connected to your individuality.
  • Provide personal training and getting the postnatal body back in shape to help prevent back injury, uterine and bladder prolapse, and protects your core.
  • Teach you about nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, to help you lose weight, feed yourself and your family good food, and clean out toxic foods from your diet.
  • Encourage techniques for improving your relationship with stress so you can manage the overwhelm and chaos of early motherhood.
  • Help you build exercise plans to help you get back in shape and lose weight.
  • Help you with time management, because simple organization can make life feel easier and like you're winning! 
  • Develop relationship building tools so that you and your partner stay engaged and connected when you're exhausted and forging a new path as parents.
  • Identify (not treat) postpartum depression to help you find the right therapist, doctor, or mental health practitioner. 
  • Build connection, because connection brings meaning to your life and is key to your health and the health of your community. 

And, so much more...

Now, I want to know what else I can do for you with this survey. It will only take 5 minutes, it's 4 questions.  

My work right now is to create programs and products - both online and off. I want to make these opportunities fun, meaningful, and experiences YOU want

Take these 5 minutes and help me help you. I want to make things you LOVE! 

Thank you so much for your input, honesty, and support. It's everything! 

Have a solid week and some fun along the way.