What Amy Poehler's Mom Taught Me About SAHM's

Dear SAHM, 

My friend Amy Poehler {ok, let’s be honest, she’s not my friend. Yet.} recently gave birth to her book Yes Please. It’s so good and so right on. Go buy it now.

A few days after the launch, I kept receiving texts from momma friends. For instance, “Have you started Yes Please. I think Amy wrote it for you.” Yes Please is filled with relevance for the sassy, smart, brave, alienated, cuckoo, working mom, SAHM, or single nom alike. 

Brazen is the word that comes to mind. 

There is a chapter called, “The Day I Was Born,” written by her mom and dad with a little from my buddy. When I read it, I was on a small airplane flying down to OKC. I was in tears with laughter and audible, “mmh-mmmms.” Evidently, I was the weird hysterical lady sitting in 4D. 

This chapter made me want to talk to you, SAHM. I most often work with “working moms,” but many of my dearest friends have chose to leave their careers and step into the job of full-time mothering. 

If you haven’t picked up my new BFF’s book, here’s the excerpt that inspired this post: 

….I left my job to take care of my daughter. That’s the way things were done. That’s the way all of my friends were doing it…Dad went to work every day with the car and you and I were alone all day, in unknown territory. No one knew about postpartum depression then, or dared to speak its name (“Snap out of it! was the more common reply), but knowing what I know now, I am quite sure that the signs were there for me…Motherhood was a twenty-four-hour-a-day, all-encompassing job. It was the hardest job I had ever had. Everything that happened to you happened to me…It was the time of burgeoning women’s movement and the National Organization for Women had just been launched, and I was curious and bewildered at the same time. Where did I belong in this new world? Moving to a new suburban town when you were five made all the difference….These women and I “volunteered” and you came with me. We made paths for a town walking trail…We were busy and productive, involved in town politics and issues. It was the beginning of networking for me, a time of making connections and defining goals and career plans. You were always a part of all this, watching me become my own person, motivated and ready for change.” - Eileen Poehler, (Yes Please, pg. 61)  

Why did this make me think of you? When I talk to many of you, you disclaim your role or fight it out with other labeled moms. KNOCK IT OFF! 

Yes, it’s a different world for you than it is for your friend who is the Exec or owns that awesome boutique. We are all still women in the game of life and motherhood.

And, whatever form your job is right now - you are still finding your way in this beautiful mess, becoming your own person, motivated and ready for change. 

I love you and keep believing in your work, day to day. You mean the world to us!  


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pps...please read the back cover of Amy's book the next time you walk by it, especially if you use a reader or Audible. It's SO good!