What She Said...a little post on growth


The other week I saw this quote a couple weeks ago: 

"Run from what's comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorius." - Rumi

Rumi. Really!? I love you, Rumi, for always surprising me. This quote was like the sound of an ice cream truck to kids when I read it...sinking in deep as I watched three clients wrap up their experiences with grace, confidence, and knowing something inside of them was new. 

It wasn't like magic fairy dust got sprinkled into their lives, they acknowledged where they were struggling in their health and they took the bull by the horns and got after. They ran from what was comfortable and into brighter light

This week, the theme is run from what's comfortable. 

You are all brave, supple, strong, and wholehearted women. And yes, comfortable is good. 

But if you desire change, healing, growth, to scale or do anything that pushes you closer to why you are you - you will very likely have to run from that comfort and trust what is on the other side. 

It's like birth, and you've all been there so you know what I mean. The other side brings you a love you never ever imagined was possible. 

Keeping it short and simple this week, and just a titch philosophical. I hope you do something positive with your mojo this week that's a little wild and unlikely! 

Loving you strong, and {still} keep shining your big fat bright light!