When You Start Reciting Lines from Kids Books

Spring is so close I can smell it. We're still buried in snow up here in the tundra, but just strap on some skis, get the body moving and you're good. Under all that snow, I can smell spring...Or maybe that's just hope I smell. This month we're talking about Active Rest, my favorite part of the day. "Active Rest" is a term I snagged from Cameron Herold's book Back Pocket COO. "Active Rest," defined by Cameron is about exercise and body-wellness. 

It means rewiring your brain to think about movement, activity, exercise as something that is inspiring, something you crave, something that offers you life-long rejuvenation and strength. When exercise becomes something you want to do you actually improve your brain function along with your body health. It's deep and I love it!

Today, we're talking about active rest for your intellectual body (aka brain and all its wiring). We're moving the mind. Just like any other muscle in the body, if we want to stay strong, limber, and fluid we must move it. 

One struggle I hear about often is the lack of time to read anything other than Good Night Moon. Your lack of intellectual stimulation really hits you when you don't have to read the pages of the card-stock book anymore. Enough to drive a person mad! 

There's a rare part of this collective who still read voraciously. You get that muscle between your ears moving in ways that inspire you, motivate you, and turn the wheels. But, generally, I'd say most of you suffer from lackofstimulitis. It's a full life and your days are occupied. 

Another hitch in your giddee-up,  most of you are business owners, entrepreneurs, or have big careers.  More frequent than not, your work drives you away from the things you love to do like catch art shows, movies, plays, or indulge in creative hobbies. Sometimes your work occupies so much of your day that it drives you away from connecting with your girlfriends, and you would be one to say your girlfriends and community are something that "lights you up." 

Well let's light you up then, darlin'. It's time to take some action - for your brain and for your health. These three action steps help my current clients get juice to their brain: 

1. Sign up for an Audible account today. I get no kickbacks for promoting Audible. It has been a life-saver for me over the past year. I am able to take books with me on-the-go. I often listen when I run, for two reasons. Daily, I want to move my body. In fact, I crave it. If I don't exercise, I lose my shit. Exercise Physiology and Neuroscience has also proven that exercise improves brain function. So I figure, why not put the two together. I still have a pile of books by my bed that I read, because I love the feel of a book and I like to dog-ear pages. Audible has a function that allows you to dog-ear "pages" as well. It's worth the subscription. Now I "see" some of you rolling your eyes that I'd put this in a post. I put this here because the moms I work with don't have the time to explore apps let alone buy a book. They maybe have heard of Audible, but most clients haven't taken the time to sign up and won't unless encouraged. So, I write this to encourage you women to sign up and start "reading." It's either Audible or letting Everythings Perfect When You're a Liar sit on your nightstand, unread for the last 6 months. That's a crime. 

2. No matter what size of town you live in, make a date with your love and your close friends to go out to dinner and a show. Make it a show of your choice: movie, concent, art exhibit, gallery opening. Challenge yourselves to stretch your limits and even choose something you'd never do. Relish the corners of your city or town, but really relish the fact that you're out with adults, having fun and getting to light the synapses in your brain in a way unique to you as parents. You deserve to have this kind of fun. Regularly! 

3. Let your work and career be something you want to do, even on the crappy days. If you work in a job that doesn't move your juices, and just stresses you out, it's time for a re-evaluation. I am encouraging you to start looking at your work from a new perspective, or to bring more life to your work. More life = feeling better. No, it means feeling incredible. 

Got big expectations of yourself? Your business? Your career? If so, you're going to have to figure out how to make it feel so good that every day when you wake up you're excited to bust your ass and put your whole heart into your work. But while you're busting ass, and this is the magic, please learn to ease up on yourself. You can ease up on yourself without diminishing your dreams. 

Last year I heard a quote by Eckhart Tolle, "You have a mind. But you are not your mind." Get your brain moving in a more extraordinary pattern than normal this week. When moving your brain becomes something you want to do, then you know you've rewired your brain to function towards your long-term health and wellbeing. 

Now, in the comments below I'd love if you share a piece of your brain with us. Tell us this: What types of intellectual stimulation do you miss out on right now? Next, what is one thing you can do this week to fill that intellectual void in your life? One fun, stimulating thing you'll do to move that big muscle in your head. 

Thank you so much for coming here weekly. The love flows, always and forever. If you know a friend who can add to our conversation, please share it! Thanks for stopping by this week.