Wkndr ✨ Merry and Bright

"We should be kind while there is still time." 

When you thought you were losing your marbles during pregnancy, new research tells us that pregnancy changes the brain in ways to help mothering.

The women's march is happening, permits and all, in DC on Jan 21st. There are sister marches all over the country if you cannot attend.

Moms who win the dough, now more than ever becoming the U.S. norm. 

Still praising IKEA's new parental policy. Oh, MMM (aka 3M) just maverick'd their own policy. Great holiday gifts for their employees!

The 'Mayor of Dunkins' 🙌🏼

Talking about how to fight the "motherhood penalty" a lot lately in meetings. Here's how.

Made this nog, but folded in stiff egg whites and used bourbon, rum, and amaro (aka fernet) before setting out to chill (temp must be below 20 degrees to set outside btw) for 48 hrs.

Going with this bowl next week to let the gut get back to normal.

Solange lit it up on Fallon. 

If this doesn't make you move and groove and giggle...this is for you bad bitches!

Have you worn these?

Airports are cleaning up their eating act! Finally travel done well. 

If you've got extra funds to donate before year end, please give to these organizations:
Planned Parenthood
Saving Mothers
the list can go on and on and on. Where are you giving a little extra this year?

Hope you had a magical and release-filled Solstice. Have a lovely and merry Christmas or Hanukkah this weekend! 

Sending you love, light, kindness, peace, hearty laughter, and rest.
All of us