Your Words to Us


Every week, your letters come to my inbox from around the globe. Your stories are powerful and make me sit back and say to myself, "Woman that took a lot of guts to send me that email." The courage to press send and hope we will read them, I read every one btw, it's incredible.

Trust is more inherent than we think..or imagine.

I once heard as I launched this business, "We need armies of Mother Lovers in every town." I have realized over time, we are raising armies. Of Mother Lovers..Everywhere. It is happening.

Not just me doing all the caring and raising, but us. 

Your reaching out, like patients used to, and we can help. You come and share what you learned once you get through your own messy and bright, then you go out and help other mothers. I see it happening. It is the coolest!

This is what deep healing is all about. It's not just something a surgeon or shaman can do. It's only something a movement of people can do. Together.

Your words, your stories - they are everything! Your trust that we might help your heart, soothe your soul, provide health to your body, or inspire you to kick into gear where there's really a need for help in your lives - thank you! That is an incredible opportunity for us.

You help our heart beat stronger, because our lives are messy, real, bright, brave and we are just figuring it all out too. Thank you for helping us make waves!  

Love you, Mother Lover, always and forever.