Zero Lies

Ok, here we go. I'm keeping this post simple and giving you a challenge I heard about on Good Life Project (check out the interview here if you're a leadership buff or #GirlBoss).

It's called ZERO LIES. Here are the rules: 

  1. For 48 hours, in a row, don't lie. 
  2. Not even a little white lie. For instance...We're having coffee. You want strong, silky Intelligencia and I hand you Folgers, it tastes like dirt. I ask, "How's the coffee?" You say, "It's fine." Instead of, "It blows." Simply to appease my feelings and be respectful. Uh-uh...keep being a boss and state the truth. 
  3. No big, fat hairy lies either.

Why this exercise? In the interview I link above, Simon says, "When we lie to save face for ourselves, we lose the opportunity to learn." You're in the heart of one of the biggest growing periods in your life, why lose the opportunity to learn for a little or big lie? 

This will be a fun exercise. Let me tell you (I'm doing it too). Once you're done, let me know how the 48hrs went down below.

Good luck with the little 48 hour challenge I allude to on the blog. Have a marvelous week and travel safely as you begin your holiday travels. Happy Thanksgiving! Beyond grateful to have y'all in my life, making impacts on your world, your kids, career, and the loves who support you.