Little Mother's Helper®

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Little Mother's Helper®


Little Mother's Helper®: A Postpartum Health Companion.

Your guide for body, mind, heart, and soul in the days, weeks, and months just for you after you give birth.

LMH® is here to answer your most important questions!

What we do is take all your questions, go mining into all the evidence on your postpartum health to get the answers. Then, we break the information down into easy-to-digest, relatable, and good-hearted fun when you need it most. After we do that, we send it to our provider friends to go through our peer-review process. Then, we make it beautiful, because you deserve the love and beauty. And, voila!

It is like having access to your provider right by your bedside, talking to you like your best friend. The results - you learn how to take care of your health, and know when to ask for help from your provider.

The deck contains 55, 3"x5" cards. It holds some magic. Just sayin’.

Whether it is your first birth or your fourth, LMH® will give you the tools you need to feel good in your life with what is going on. 

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